Join the Database Group!

The database group is looking for PhD students with a strong background in databases and information systems, logic and database theory. Prospective students should have completed coursework in the areas of database systems, operating systems, programming language, software engineering, and courses in mathematics.

For more specific information, please contact Dr. Todd J. Green or Dr. Bertram Ludäscher.

We strongly prefer PDF files or plain text when you send email attachements. We are in particular interested in your background, courses you have taken (including grades), projects you have worked on, and any publications.

Please also note that at this point in time, we cannot make any statements about how many positions for research assistants we will have starting Fall 2010, or whether you might be exactly the right student to join the database group. This all depends on the number and qualification of applicants, and the funding available at that time.

Information about the graduate program can be found here, including: